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High quality textile and textile manufacturing industry are our expertise. Since 1989, our textile manufacturing company has been serving export market as well as domestic market with quality textile and excellent service. With such long years of experience, we are proud that we are now a reputable global textile company. We are fully acknowledged by the government of the Republic of Indonesia because we have legal permission No. 59/DJAJ/T/1989 as an industrial company and No. 503/1169/1989 as a textile company. In buy viagra etc fact, it was Bapak HM Soeharto, then the president of the Republic of Indonesia, who had officially launched our company at June 18, 1989.

Our textile manufacturing industry business is indeed the core for every textile-related industry. We produce quality fabrics like rayon, tetoron and cotton on average of 2 millions meter/month. We are able to do this because our 1139 personnel are people who share a common vision and deep understanding on our mission as well as equipped with reliable technology. At PT Kusuma Sandang Mekarjaya, we work in textile manufacturing company factory buildings as wide as 2 hectare which are parts of a 4-hectare complex. Here we actualize our ideas about quality textile with the operation of 830 loom machines, 68 rapier machines, 3 sizing machines, and 4 warping machines.

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